Our indoor is 100’x200′ thus allowing for a large dressage arena. It is an all steel building constructed by TAM Systems of Dillsburg, PA. It has a minimum interior clearance of 16 ft.

The footing base is 947 tons of recycled/reground millings tamped and rolled in place. Six hundred gallons of activator was then applied to give the base a firm consistency yet still allows for traction. This nonslip base is extremely important, (in the unlikely event) a horse should work through the cushion when pushing off on a turn or taking off or landing. On top of the base, a 4-1/2 ft kick wall runs the perimeter.

The wall serves to both protect the horse and rider, and help keep the footing inside the arena. To take care of our indoor sand, we installed the EuroSprinkler system in use by some of the best facilities in the country. The sprinkler’s 500 nozzles, automatically and uniformly supplies a measured amount of wetting water to the entire riding surface while applying 20% more water to the higher traffic outer perimeter. Want the best footing available? This is it.

Of course horses are our business and we simply can’t ignore their comfort and soundness. After extensive research we found that sand, if kept at the proper moisture level, makes the perfect cushion. Both the indoor and outdoor rings use Chaney Sand which is the optimal coarseness and allows only 3% to pass through a 100 mesh screen.

This means “no dust!”

To finish off our indoor ring, we couldn’t neglect the roof. For the ears, we’ve installed insulation on the ceiling that serves to dampen acoustic echo, reduce rain noise, and provide a climate barrier. For the eyes, fifty-five overhead lights evenly illuminate the indoor ring for both day and night riding. For our skin, as well as the horses’, great care was taken to avoid sharp edges or protrusions throughout the entire facility.