Epoch Farm’s services are not “just adequate” but absolute.

Every stall receives, locally sourced, pre-consumer Shredded Cardboard Bedding, which we produce ourselves.

Roughage comes from our own production hay along with a custom tailored feed program to meet each individual’s needs.

Daily turnout, either in a group or individually and blanket changes when the weather cools.

Our philosophy has always been, “…you can leave your horse with us for a year, come back and your horse will be in the same or better condition than when you left.” Each horse is checked nightly, between 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM. The night check consists of picking piles, refreshing water, straightening blankets, and a little hay snack if necessary.

We specialize in gently breaking then schooling the young horse. We give these youngsters the foundation they need to stand up to the rigors of upper level training.

Trainers on our staff are experienced at gently teaching the young horse while establishing a bond based on mutual respect. We take the amount of time each individual horse needs, some are fast learners, some take a little longer. Most importantly, training must be positive and fun!!